The Graph Workflow offers a structured approach to creating high impact data graphs for scientific work. The Graph Workflow is inspired by work on data visualisation theory and information design, statistics and data science, computer science and the cognitive sciences.

The ultimate aim of this website is to guide scientific research in applying a systematic approach towards data graphing for publishing accurate, informative and efficient graphs for reporting, exploratory and inferential purposes.

All graphs in the www.graphworkflow.com website are build using Stata code, which is provided for exact reproduction at the end of each webpage. But the purpose of the website is not to teach Stata. If you know Stata then you can take the code that is provided at the end of each page and apply it to your own work. The source of data is acknowledged but often requires considerable management before it can be analysed. If you want a processed data file then please email me.

A little bit about me

Here are a few words about me. I have a multidisciplinary background with training in economics and econometrics, finance, and accounting. I am based at the University of Sydney, and currently teach Visual Data Analytics in the Business Analytics department, and Fundamental Analysis for Equity Investment in the Accounting department. In the past, I have also taught in Finance and Statistics.

My research interests lie at the cross-road of all these areas with a focus on the development and application of appropriate research methods of econometric estimation, data visualisation, and experimental research for broad business analysis.

I am the Founding Director of the MEAFA research network (est. 2007) and the architect of the MEAFA Professional Development Workshops on Quant Analysis that have been widely recognised by the research community as state-of-the-art.

I have provided quant research training to well more than a thousand of executives, researchers and higher research degree students, and have served as data analysis consultant to several government agencies (federal and state) and many companies.

I am a founding Chief Investigator of the Deloitte field experimental lab at the University of Sydney that deploys field experimental methods, behavioural analysis and data science methods for answering questions of mistrust, dishonesty, deception and culture in financial services, both from the perspective of the financial companies and of their customers.

I serve on the scientific committee for the annual Oceania Stata Users Group Meeting and have maintained a long-term working relation with StataCorp LLC. I am also a member of the Behaviour consulting group.

Demetris Christodoulou

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